Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Best Friend

   My best friend's name is Hannah and I have a really neat story to tell about how God worked in both of our lives.Hannah,her sister Alex and I were adopted from the same orphanage.Hannah and I were very close friends at the orphanage.We were in the same class and  spent alot of time together.When we were in second grade she and her sister got adopted.I remember how sad it was for me.I didn't let go of it for a very long time,but eventually I gave up hoping that I will see her again.It was cute how her and Alex's parents picked them for adoption.The girls sang  a song called "My mama",it was a very pretty song and very popular in Ukraine at that time.
      Three years later I got adopted!!!  A year later after my adoption I saw Hannah.My older sister Mary Kate met them at her work.She found out that they were from Ukraine and she  told them about me.I'm not sure exactly how the whole conversation went ,but it ended up with me seeing my best friend again.Hannah told me that she prayed for me and it still amazes me how God answered her and brought us together.
     Today I got an oppurtunity to spend the day with her and her family.It was very special to be with her because our busy lives  have kept us away from each other for a very long time.Today was her Birthday party and her super fun sister secretly invited me.Hannah was very surprized when I came! One thing that touched my heart is when she introduced me to her friends she didn't just call me friend, she called me her best friend.God gave me a best friend for life and I know she is a gift I should treasure as much as I can.