Monday, August 22, 2011

A Family Reunion

   Yesterday the Briggs family went to a party at our Uncle Bill's house. We all had a great time just being with family members that we haven't seen for over a year.   
    I've been to these family reunions many times before. They all are great,but this one ( that we just had ) was the best for me. Because I challenged myself to reach out and get to know my family members. It was something I've never done  in the past, but  should have done. After all they all adopted me into their family  too, by letting me be their niece or a cousin. They deserve a lot of respect!
    By  forgetting  about myself and  reaching out, I got to know many of them ,... and it was just a lot of fun     listening to their stories and what's going on in their lives. They all also loved hearing about our family and were amazed of how much it has grown since the last time we all got together. To see what I mean click
  Good times,I can't wait to get together again!!!