Tuesday, December 20, 2011


  Today a friend to our family stopped by our house.Her name is Harmony.Harmony is a great person,very joyful and a great example to us all.She is our well trusted friend,she is a great person to go to when you need to talk and be understood,and she invests in all of our lives.She used to teach our family ''Art'' for school.She also taught some of my sisters how to make a quilt.I wasn't one of the girls, because teaching me how to make a quilt would be hopeless.I'm not very gifted in sewing,knitting or the crocheting area.In fact I took some those classes at the school/orphanage in Ukraine.I'm sure the teachers thought they were talking to a wall.I was so bad, I had to ask my friend Aleona for help each time we had that class.Anyway,back to Harmony. Harmony is a Kindergarden teacher too,so she is great with kids.Whenever she has time she invites us to her house and we spend time with her.During the summer we go Kayaking with her,have bon fires and just hang out at her house.She is very adventurous and loves nature.She is one those people you can't help but like and respect,for sure she is a Christ follower.She also has a blog, it's called '' life is a gift''.