Friday, August 27, 2010

Soccer night!

Tonight we as a family  played  soccer at Jeff's house.Jeff  is working on a new kitchen in our house.He is also a friend to our family.This  is our second time coming to play soccer at his house.We play against two other families from his church.They are nice families and they encourage you when you mess up in the game.I am not to good at soccer so I mess up alot.I do try my best! Playing with those people is just like playing with a close family.It's alot of fun! I talked to a girl named Jordan tonight.She is sixteen.She has 9 siblings.Her dad is a preacher and he is also very good at soccer.I got alot of instructions from him in the game.Which helped me do well! She is also homeschooled.I like meeting people that are homeschooled because I am homeschooled too.