Sunday, October 28, 2012

God is love...

  Something amazing has happened in my life recently.God has showed me that He is the One that makes things happen in our lives.I mentioned before that I have been trying to get a job,an anything will do job.All summer long I applied at different places that are closer to home,waited,even made phone calls and got nothing.I understand  that these days it's harder to get jobs.I did alot of trying,waiting,worrying until I couldn't take it anymore.I chose to stop trying and said,"God you know what is best ,I will wait,because I trust in your plan for my life."It wasn't easy but it felt kind of nice to give it to God to take care of.
  In September few of my sisters and I started to go to a young adults group at our church.We've been going there for a little while now and we enjoy it very much.Well the thing is the pastor talks about God and how to trust Him when you are going through these years of growing up and discovering your purpose.It's not easy! One Wednesday night I was feeling very down because I did something wrong without thinking,got corrected on it and talked back to my parents.Seriously it wasn't anything big but I made it more than it should be and didn't let go of it...until I heard our pastor preach.I don't know how it happened but it was exactly what I needed to hear that night.Afterwards I wanted to let the pastor know that! He said he was glad that I shared that with him and asked what's been going on in my life.That's when I shared about looking for a job and told him that I surrendered to wait on God's timing.He said that he would pray for me,I thanked him but didn't take it too seriously.
  The next Wednesday before church my brother,sister and I went to a grocery store to get some things for our family.When we were in a check- out line my brother mentioned that the retail store that he works at has some positions opened and that our dad is considering letting me apply there.I thought that would be great but wasn't sure if it will happen.We went to church afterwards.At the end of it our pastor came up to me and asked me,"How is the job thing going? I've been praying for you!"That's when I felt such surprise,because I recalled what my brother said earlier and I was very touched that my pastor  cared  for me and prayed.That's when I knew that somehow it's going to work out and it did,I got a job! From this I learned that God wanted me to see that He makes things happen,not me and also that he uses other people to help us see that.In my case,my pastor!
  So it finally happened,something I've been wanting to happen for awhile now but as it is happening there are some challenges to it.That challenge I do want to face,because I know I will learn from it.It involves a vehicle,I don't own one,that means I will have to use one of the family cars when I can and be driven to work when I can't use the family car.Until I save up and get a car,which I know will happen,but it will take time and sacrifice.At first I was very worried and stressed about this.In Mathew 6 (the Do Not Worry passage),Jesus clearly told me do not worry.It doesn't mean that the feelings went away completely,but knowing this made things easier.
   Now I want to encourage all who are struggling right now.It could be anything small or huge...I want you to know that God does care.Be willing to give your burden to Him and He will take care of it.In His time! Wait patiently and do not worry about anything.Even I know that getting a job or a car is NOT the most important thing in life,because those type of things won't matter when it's time to live eternally.What will matter is how we loved!Love is a sacrifice! God is love!When we love we want to bring the good news to those who feel that there is no hope!