Sunday, September 9, 2012

A weekend like no other

Friday,Saturday and until this evening my parents were away from home.They went to the beach with Keith(my brother-in-law),Mary Kate(my older sister),Ava,Mady,Kloe(their children) and my sister Mya.They had a wonderful time there!Joseph was left in charge of the family.Olivia,Rachel,Leah,Cate,Ben and I were also in charge alongside with Joseph.I got to say we were able to care of all fifteen of our younger brothers and sisters,and manage to make these three days memorable.Joseph was a great leader,I was encouraged to see him care for his family.One thing that was great was that we(the older ones) got together alot and communicated about everything that is going on,needed to be done and that is how we kept thing going smoothly.It was team-work that got us through!
Besides the responsabilities these were days of fun.Joseph bought treats for the kids and allowed them to stay up watching movies.They also slept downstairs two nights in the row instead of in their bedrooms.I had to mention that because Leah took some pictures!
Party weekend is over though and most of us (including mom and dad) are wiped-out,very tired.Tommorow we get back to our normal way of living and the kid's are starting their second week of school!