Friday, August 24, 2012

Life as it is...

In two weeks,after Labor Day my younger brothers and sisters will start school.Right now we are trying to enjoy the last days of summer, before they're gone.The pools are feeling colder now because it's colder during the nights.No matter, because today most of the kids went swimming,but I got to say that little Judah was one of the bravest and stayed in the pool the longest.I wonder sometimes how can their little bodies stand being in cold water,while someone like me who is much bigger than them complains about how cold the water feels.Today though it wasn't too bad once you are in and get yourself used to it.
Every single day lately the weather has been so nice and the kids got to play outside from morning to lunchtime.The older girls spent their time everyday outside watching their younger brothers and sisters,it's been good for all of us.One day Mya brought this butterfly sitting on her hand to me.She brought it inside the house and all.I was all like how does Mya do that,butterflies don't usually just sit on your hands.Then I noticed that the butterfly had a broken wing.I know it's just an insect but I felt sad to see it in that condition.We let it go knowing that it won't survive much longer.
The challenge of sharing our faith that I mentioned earlier has been going very well so far.Almost everyone has had a chance to share with someone about Jesus.I witnessed seeing my sister Lily boldly walking up to a random stranger and sharing with him,but he was one of those people that didn't give her the time of his day and practically ran.Few people did that,run I mean.Many though listened and surprisingly many admited that they believe.Leah and I shared with our grandpa for atleast forty-five minutes yesterday.We were surprised that he listened and didn't try to overpower what we were saying.Our grandpa is a very intellegent man,he was a scientist going through life and has his beliefs.Still he listened but we don't know if he took it to heart,many will hear but few will believe.This week has been very neat this way in our family,it's been good to get out of our comfort zone. I hope it will be something that we will be able to keep doing in our lives from now and on.
I'm going to try to challenge myself and blog much more often now.Even if not much is going on during the days that I'm living.I think each day is a gift!