Monday, July 30, 2012

Leah's story

These are the words of my sister Leah,it's a story of how God has shown that He is real in her life.She was searching for Him and doubts were flooding her mind.Her story made me think of this verse(Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.)
LEAH: One of the ways that God showed me that He can answer my prayer and that I can trust Him was in a situation I never thought would happen.I had many doubts before but this situation has shown me that God really listens to our prayers and uses us for His own good.My family was writing letters to a person in our family that turned away from everything he believed in.In other words he doesn't want anything to do with Jesus.During the whole time this was happening in the life of my family member I was grieving.It hurt me so bad for the life he has chosen.I prayed to God the day I wrote the letter.I prayed so that everything I write would be from God.Even before that I was doubting about God and was not excited to do Bible even though I did it.I prayed that He can show me that He is close to me and that He can use me for His own good.I was planning to write something from the scripture or the "Crazy Love"book by Francis Chan.Then I decided to do it all from my heart.That day when my family member received that letter my mom and dad called me to their room late at night.They told me that he called and told them that he was inspired by my letter... and he wanted to have a second chance with God.When I heard that I was so happy!That moment I realized that I actually talked to God about it and He has shown me what I wanted Him to show me and answered me.My doubts vanished.I'm glad this has happened.I believe that my job was to plant that seed in my family member's heart and let God grow it in him.God really has shown me the miracle that He can do.There is so many people that are in need of God.You can't meet the needs of them all.If you meet one you can make a difference!