Sunday, May 20, 2012

Center Point Church Picnic

This morning instead of having church at our usual place we all went to a house owned by two members of our church.Their names are Roger and Nancy Hendershot.They are very good people!Both of them worked very hard today to make sure everyone had a good time.The place they live at was just gorgeous and so big(what I mean is they own alot of land).My whole family agreed that it would be a fun place to live at!I'm glad I got to come to their house and experience this day with my family.My mom's best friend Mary and her children came along with us.It was a very nice time for all of us.The first thing we did there is a church service.Then we all ate lunch.During lunch the head pastor and his wife of the church came and sat at the table I was at and we all got to talk.I felt honored to have an opportunity like that.They asked me a whole lot about my life and shared some about their own. Later on my family and Mary's family went on a trail through the woods to get to the fishing area.The little ones enjoyed fishing!!! I got to hold a fish and let it go free,I believe that was my very first time ever doing that.Besides fishing there were other things to do.Some people got to shoot clay pigeons using I think a real shotgun,interesting huh? It was a good day of fun,for my whole family and church family!