Sunday, March 18, 2012

Every creature has someone that cares for them...

   Last summer we found this spider in our ''Peace Garden".Honestly it was the biggest spider I have ever seen!!! It was about three to four cm long.Creepy!
  I don't know what it is about spider that makes me so afraid of them.No matter how small, when I see one I get chills even though I know that I am a giant compared to them.My reaction when I see a spider is different then most ladies.I don't scream,I just walk slowly away from it...and remember the place that I saw it and stay away from that place for many days.Unless I'm positive the spider isn't there.I don't enjoy killing spiders and usually ask one of my brothers or sisters to take care of them for me.
  On the other hand, I can't help thinking (despite my fear of them),what an awesome creation they are.I think of their tiny hearts and tiny brains ,and wonder what do they feel? Then I think about God,their creator,and just can't help but feel amazed at Him! I also wonder, how does God know and care for every single spider? He has so many humans and creatures to care for,and he does.Thinking about taking care of others,sometimes I feel that having as many people in one family as we have to take care of, requires a lot of strength and energy.Compared to what God deals with I have nothing to complain about,especially since he helps take care of our family. How he does it? It's beyond my understanding!