Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Day!

   My best friend Hannah and her sister Alex who is also a very close friend called me today.They wanted to stop by and drop off a Christmas gift for me and my family.It was so unexpected and very exciting.I don't get to see my friends very often because they live at least 45 minutes away.Let's just say I had a very fun day.We exchanged gifts,looked through my parents wedding albums,fixed lunch( they experienced what it's like to fix 13 lunches for my thirteen brothers and sisters),later we played some Wii,jumped on our trampoline and played football with  my younger siblings.I am pretty sure they had fun and so did I.It's funny how sometimes we humans get up in the morning and just think that we will have a typical,normal day and out of the blue it turns out to be the best day ever.Very unexpected!