Monday, June 27, 2011

I'M ON FIRE !!!!!!! :)

Last week I was at Camp Joy El. The theme of the whole week was called " Leadership Experience".It was so exciting to be back ,after all in 2007 I got saved there.This time I got to come back as an older teenager and my sister's Rachel ,Leah and Olivia came too.To be honest  at first I just wanted to have fun there and I knew deep in my heart that my relationship with the Creator wasn't what it was supposed to be.The first day there I realized that I  wanted to give my all to God ,but I couldn't do it alone.Chris was our main leader was only 18 but he was so passionate to show God's love to us. There were other leaders that were just on fire for God too.That first day Chris said that God brought us to this Leadership Experience ,because He wants us to be leaders who are on fire for Him.I realized that is so true and that God also chose the ones that He wanted there that week.Because there wasn't many teens that came to camp that week,about 60.So that first day when we all went out to have our quite time with God I asked my leader  Annie to come and talk to me.I told her the truth about my struggle with God.She understood and greatly encouraged me. As the week went by I realized that I can't play games with God anymore and that I can't live without Him.So I drew a circle and stepped into it, meaning I am giving Him my all.When I came home I knew that it can fade away easily ,but I decided not to let it.My sisters and I decided to keep our love for God alive no matter what.We are getting into His Word all we can,praying,worshiping and leading with all our strength.It's been three days since camp but I have to say these were the  best days of my life.It hasn't been easy,because we felt the normal life try to take us away from  God,but those are just feelings that we need to fight, because we know God is always with us.