Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is my 15 year old brother Jonas.He was adopted from Ukraine in 2008.Jonas had a rough life in Ukraine. When he was a baby he got cancer in his eye so the doctors had to take his eye out. Having one eye doesn't stop him from having a good self esteem.He told me his family story and it is awful. Apparently his father killed his mother and his brother killed his father.Isn't that awful? So poor Jonas was an orphan and a street kid.He smoked and stole things from people in Ukraine.That was his life until he got adopted into our family.Seriously he is not a bad kid at all.Sure he gets in trouble sometimes.Nobody is perfect!
Jonas is also very smart and he likes to make people laugh.Most of the time he does make us laugh but sometimes we all are "Ok Jonas that's enough." Also Jonas likes to make and fix things.I think he can become a good inventor if he wants.So I will say it again "Thank you God for Jonas!"