Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day ago I was going  to sams club with my brother.My siblings Tia,Rachel and Caleb came also.It was raining and somehow Jacob my brother  got distracted and we got in a car accident.It was very scary but thanks to God nobody got hurt.I still have the crashing image in my mind when I think about it.The guy that we hit was alright and he didn't make a huge deal about it.Even though it was.      Today I went to youth group and it was very good.I took some notes!Pastor Mike was talking about praying to God:I should  pray to God with adoration(Love and Respect),I should praise and worship Him(Submission and Adoration),I should ask Him for His provision,I should confess all my sins to Him,I should ask him to help me forgive others and fix broken relationships and pray for His protection.Mathew 6:5-12