Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Six Flags!

I went to Six Flags yesterday.It was a very fun day.It left me very tired,that is why I am writing about it today.I went there with my youth group and Pastor Mike.His wife Brittany came along too.I think it took us 2 hours to get there.On the way there I talked to some teenagers about my family,school,Ukraine,music and  about how much I like roller coasters.I love roller coasters!Also my sisters and I told one guy how and when we accepted Jesus into our hearts.At Six Flags I rode on all the roller coasters.They had only 4 good ones.So I went on them more than once.My favorite was the Batwing because it made me feel like I was flying.The Superman one was the fastest and it had the highest drop.The JokerJinx is the roller coaster in the picture above it had the most twists and turns.I forgot the name of the other one but it is the one where your feet hang in the air.It was a very hot day so the water rides were pleasant.I also did bumper cars and I had a 10 year old girl riding with me.I made friends with her but she ran off fast after the ride was over.I was a little crazy when I was driving.So maybe I scared her.I hope not!I made a new friend in my youth group.Her name is Jessica.She was my roller coaster buddy most of the day.I like her alot and I am glad I got to know her.She described me as to girlie.I never realized it but I guess I am.Well I am glad I have a new friend!Thank you God for everything!